Body & Soul Boot Camp: Yoga for a Clear Mind

April 15, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ In the News

Body & Soul Boot Camp Yoga for a Clear Mind










We’re all stressed out at some point during the day—it’s how we handle our stress that really matters. Yoga is a proven way to help with elevated stress levels and an overactive mind. It’s actually a moving meditation (for more on meditation, see Fostering Mindfulness, the Essence of Meditation). So this quick workout will give you zen with both channels.

Short workouts to release tension are an ideal way to cap off your day. Take these 15 minutes to only focus on your yoga practice and forget the To Do list at the back of your mind, then get ready to de-stress. Let the breath carry your movements and you’re already practicing mindfulness and on your way a calm mind in no-time. And try and take some time to meditate, because why not!

So, if you need to release frantic energy on a busy day, you’re in the right place. Reground yourself with Grokker fitness expert Brett Larkin so you can move through the rest of your day energized, aligned and purposeful. It’s only a 15-minute flow; the results and peace of mind will be well worth it.